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Name: Joachim Børresen Sture


Born: 08.05.88     

Language: Norwegian and English

Based: Bergen, Norway.



08.2018-06.2021: Beachelor Fine Arts, Art Academy Trondheim, NTNU

2020: Sound Art and Installations (course), Prof. Daniel Buner Formo, Department of Music, NTNU, Trondheim, NO

2019: Art, Technology, Culture: GESAMTKUNSTWERK THINKING (MFA course),

Prof. Alexandra Murray-Leslie, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, NO

08.2016-06.2018: Art School in Bergen

06.2015: Certificated Yoga instructor 200h, Yoga Alliance

02.2009: Certificate of Automation Technician.

09.2007-02.2009: Automation apprentice, Equinor Mongstad

08.2006-06.2007: VK 2 Automation, Slåtthaug VGS

08.2005-06.2006: VK 1 Automation, Slåtthaug VGS

08.2004-06.2005: GK Elektro, Åsane VGS



Solo exhibition:

2021: Hvem er jeg med deg?//Hvem er jeg uten deg? K-U-K Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, Trondheim, Norway

2018: You and I, Bergen Flyt, Bergen, Norway


Group exhibition:

2021: BFA graduation exibithion, Adgangsutstillingen 2021.

2020: Weather Or Not, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, photo department, NO

2020: RECONNECTING... World Wide Web

2020: Theatre of Making 4: Latency Now, World Wide Web / Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU / The University of Art and Design Linz

2019: Transformational Dance, NSB, Høyskoleparken, Trondheim, Norway

2019: Av jord er du kommet, av jord skal du bli (limbo), A maze of braid channels, Gallery Kit, Trondheim, Norway

2019: The Potential, Hoopscotch, Gallery Kit, Trondheim, Norway

2018: Fragmantary 10ton, Graduation exhibition, Laksevåg verft, Norway.

Private collections

2020: Alexander Van Der Meulen private art collection, (Untitled (I=U/R) and Untitled (U=R/I)).


2019: The Conductor, Sounds & Spaces, Gallery KIT, Trondheim, Norway.


2019: Performer in Alex Murray-Leslie's sound work "Becoming Trees", produced for Pablo DeSoto's event "Resist as Forest" at Adressaparken, Trondheim, Norway

2019: Poem to Jacob Jessen's text work "Revolutions (RAKE)"

Relevant Work experience:

04.2017-td: Founder and co-owner, Bergen Flyt AS

11.2015-03.2017: Yoga Instructor, SATS

12.2014-10.2015: Explorer

01.2012-12.2014: Servicetecnician, automation, S-Vent

01.2011-01.2012: Artellerist, service, Naivy

09.2007-12.2011: Maintance, automation, Equinor Mongstad

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